SEIS – A Guide For Entrepreneurs


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme concept gives entrepreneurs a direct way of raising money for start-ups other than the banks. Devised by former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne in 2012, the measure was a response to the closed doors banks were showing business borrowers in the wake of the global financial  crisis that hit … Read more

The £50,000 Final Salary Tax Trap For High Earners


If you are on course to pick up a retirement income of £50,000 a year or more from a final salary pension then you may face the prospect of seeing a slice disappear because of daunting taxes. That’s because a legal cap on pension savings means a fund of more than £1 million means pension … Read more

Misinformed Investors Are Hoping For Unrealistic Returns

Over the past 30 years, the average returns of equities on international stock markets have averaged 7.2%, according to the MSCI Worldwide Index. Although investors are hoping for double-digit returns, they are also concerned about the risk of falling markets. In the UK, with Brexit approaching, almost half of investors (48%) prefer cash to investing … Read more

The World – A Floating Tax Haven Or Lifestyle Choice?

Piles of money have bought happiness for a group of multimillionaires who spend most of their time on a floating tax haven cruising the globe. The World is a unique ship – part cruise liner and part home that has some of the most expensive apartments that extreme wealth can buy. The cruise ship has … Read more

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How To Mind That Gap In Retirement Savings


Most retirement savers have a gap between the money they have and the amount they think they will need to fund a comfortable retirement. Unless they are wealthy, it’s likely most savers believe they do not have enough in the bank, investments and their pensions. But it’s time to stop worrying and take action. Even … Read more

Brexit Is A Sad Time For Europe, Says Donald Tusk


Brexit is having a disastrous impact on plans for closer integration in Europe, says European Council president Donald Tusk. He claims his time is now spent on patching up a disintegrating Europe rather than promoting closer ties between the EU nations. “I believe Brexit is one of the saddest moments in 21st century European history … Read more

Crypto Boss Takes Secret Of Missing Millions To The Grave

Cryptocurrency and cash worth more than £100 million is missing after an exchange founder suddenly died on holiday and took his secret passwords to the grave. The cash and coins were stored in cold wallets for security and the keys on how to access them have disappeared following the unfortunate death of Gerald Cotton, the … Read more

Don’t Forget Your Pension When You Move Jobs

What to do with the money in your pension pot is not one of the things that leaps to mind when changing jobs – but it should. Next to a home, a pension is probably the biggest asset most people will ever own. It is easy to overlook pension benefits in the excitement of changing … Read more

Plain Talking Pension Firms Dump Confusing Forms

Retirement savers can expect some plain talking from pension providers after the companies have reviewed and rewritten thousands of documents to make understanding financial jargon easier for consumers. Consumers have repeatedly claimed their pension paperwork is too complicated and sprinkled with words and initials that are confusing for them – especially when they are trying … Read more

How To Hide Cash In An Offshore Tax Haven

Funnelling money through an offshore tax haven is not illegal – providing the idea is not to hide the true extent of your wealth from the tax man so you pay less tax than you should. How international corporations and wealthy individuals keep their wealth offshore is exposed in the Paradise Papers, which are millions … Read more

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