Ban And £350,000 Fine For Dishonest UCIS Seller

Financial adviser Craig Cameron was branded by consumer watchdogs as ‘lacking honesty and integrity’ after he was fined £350,000 for his involvement in three risky unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS) that lost millions of pounds. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also banned him from giving financial advice to consumers after he plundered £330 million from … Read more

Property Chancers Buy As Economy Collapses

Enterprising property investors are turning Argentina’s economic problems into an opportunity despite tumbling prices and raging inflation. The Argentinian government has well-documented track record in defaulting on foreign debt that has plunged the economy into chaos. The eighth and last default was in July 2014 to the tune of £57 billion. Attempts to restrict the … Read more

Only Tax Cheats Will Pay IHT Before Dying, Says HMRC

Tax really has become a matter of life and death with HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) revelation about the possibility of paying inheritance tax before they die. HMRC is now wobbling on the original announcement and has issued a statement redefining what was said – and pointing out that no one will have to pay … Read more

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Peer To Peer And Crowdfunding – The Returns

Poor savings rates offered by banks and building societies are pushing savers into looking for better returns with alternative investments. Many savers want to boost their retirement income with a fixed return. Two options are peer to peer lending and crowdfunding. This quick guide looks at the returns – and the risks – for investors … Read more

Expats Snub Plea To Vote In UK Elections

British expats are snubbing efforts to get them to vote in elections back home, according to a report by the Electoral Commission. A campaign urging expats to sign up to vote for the May 2014 European and local elections in the UK failed with just 7,000 taking the opportunity to download overseas registration forms against … Read more

Why Overseas Weddings Upset Friends And Families

The cost of going to an overseas wedding is draining the bank balances of guests invited to celebrate in an exotic location with the bride and groom. An estimated one in 10 people will have an invite to weddings of expats or British couples choosing a sunshine destination to get hitched. But on top of … Read more

Euro Gets A Pounding From Strong Sterling

Expats in Europe and the US are at the mercy of foreign currency exchange markets even though those paid from pensions or savings in the UK have had their spending power boosted over the past year or so. The Pound is up more than 9% against the euro and 15% against the US dollar, making … Read more

Why Expats Need To Tidy Up Their Finances

If you are an expat or thinking of becoming one, one of the most important tasks is tidying up your finances. Cross-border bank accounts, savings, investment and tax can be complicated and time-consuming to sort out – and even worse to unravel if you are in a financial mess. One crucial point for expats moving … Read more

Colombia Terror Threat Sparks Travel Alert

Expats and travellers in Colombia need to guard against terrorist attacks in the capital of Bogotá, according to a new alert from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). The warning follows bomb blasts in the Suba neighbourhood of the city. Police and security forces have stepped up patrols in the city and also report finding … Read more

British expats bullish about investing in UK

British expats are feeling bullish about stocks and shares and moving their cash into equities, according to new research. The balance in expat portfolios has slightly changed over the past 48 months, according to a study of investment attitudes by Lloyds Bank Private Banking. Four years ago, expats divvied their cash into roughly 17.5% held … Read more