Men Take More Risks With Their Money Than Women

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Men are more likely to take risks when investing their money than women, who are much more conservative with their cash. One in four men will invest any spare cash they have in riskier investments, compared to one in six women. But just over half of men (51%) are confident that their investments will deliver … Read more

We All Worked 149 Days This Year Just To Pay Our Tax Bills


Taxpayers worked 149 days in 2019 just to earn enough to pay their taxes – but from May 30 onwards, all the money they earn belongs to them. This was the latest date Tax Freedom Day has fallen in the year since 1995, says financial think-tank the Adam Smith Institute. Every year, the institute crunches … Read more

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Music That Shapes Your Life Shapes Your Savings, Too


The music that shaped your life also influences the way you save, according to new research from a leading bank. If you were around when the Beatles were topping the charts, the likelihood is your saving strategy is different from the Guns n’ Roses generation. The US research for Wells Fargo says the usual thinking … Read more

New Offshore Tax Avoidance Warning As Data Sharing Starts

The net is closing on expats and taxpayers with offshore accounts and investments who have not declared their interests to the tax man. Financial advisers who has referred a client to an overseas financial institution or to pointed them towards offshore advice or services must declare the information to HM Revenue & Customs by the … Read more

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£5 Billion Pension Raw Deal For Women In Divorce

Retirement is often a financial mess for women who save less and are short-changed in divorce deals. Fewer women have retirement savings – half against six out of 10 men, while a quarter of women confess they save nothing. Three out of four women do not include a spouse’s pension in a financial settlement of … Read more

Where Are The Healthiest Places For Expats To Live?

Britain’s favourite expat destination has topped the world rankings as the world’s healthiest country. The Mediterranean sunshine hotspot of Spain toppled the previous winner Italy into second place in a study of 169 nations – rising six places to take the lead. Rounding out the top five were Iceland in third place, followed by Japan … Read more

Retirement Heralds A New Dawn Of Contentment

Stopping work is not about slowing down but the dawn of a new age of excitement for thousands of new retirees. Half of all retirees regard their golden years as the best time of their life which gives them the time to learn new skills, travel and gain new experiences. A fifth have worked hard … Read more

FBI Search For Victims Of $2.5 Billion Crypto Scam

The FBI is calling on cryptocurrency investors who lost billions of dollars in an initial coin offering scam to come forward. The Feds are investigating defunct cryptocurrency Bitconnect, which collapsed a year ago after the British government and two US states filed orders against the founders . Bitconnect was running an ICO to raise cash … Read more

Why The $1m American Retirement Dream Is A Nightmare

British retirement savers get a lot of flak about not saving enough – but the Americans seem just as bad even though they typically earn more. The average US household aged between 55 and 61 years old has $163,577 in savings for retirement that gives an income of just $6,500 a year. Only the wealthiest … Read more

Pension Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Retirement saving experts found that too many pension savers who do not consult a financial adviser have their money in cash. Around a third make this mistake, says the Financial Conduct Authority, which could cost them a third of the income they could make over 20 years of saving. Leading pension platform AJ Bell explains … Read more