Apple CEO ‘incredibly optimistic’ about iPhones in China


Following the announcement last month Apple has signed a landmark deal with China Mobile, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has stated he is “incredibly optimistic” about the business’ future in China.

“Today is a beginning, and I think there are lots more things our companies can do together in the future,” he continued.

Whilst the exact iPhone sales figures are yet to be published, China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua has stated it is already in the “millions.”

A novel approach

Whilst the company have previously finalised deals with two smaller, state run operators, the agreement with China Mobile is significantly larger.

This may be due in part to Cook’s approach to the deal.

Predecessor Steve Jobs regularly sought a deal for the iPhone with the world’s largest mobile carrier, but unlike Cook, he did not publicise his visits.

In his three visits in just over a year however, Cook regularly featured in newspapers around the world – something that eventually enabled him to ink the deal with China Mobile after nearly eight years of negotiations.

Cook has alluded to the familiarity the two companies now enjoy at press junkets.

“We have got to know each other,” Cook stated in a recent interview.

“As of this weekend we will be selling iPhones in more than 3,000 additional locations,” he also stated.

“China Mobile already has a reach to many cities that Apple does not have a reach to.”

China Mobile

China Mobile serves over 760 million customers – making it the world’s largest network provider.

Apple are hoping to tap into that market, and boost a market share that has fallen from 7.9% to 6.2% in Q3 2013.

However, they face tough competition in the market, with domestic companies including Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei currently holding large portions of the market share.