Android Steals Smartphone Market Share

The International Data Corporation released its 3rd quarter market share and sales estimates and it reveals that the Android operating system is dominating the international market.

This quarter Android claimed over 80% of the global market meaning that over 200 million devices are using the operating system. This is record-breaking for Android as they have never conquered such a massive part of the global market.

Many believe that this is due to the variety of devices that the OS can be found on. The Google software can be found on a range of smartphones from brands such as Samsung, HTC and Sony.

Also gaining momentum is the Windows Phone which increased its share by 1.6% percent this quarter up to 3.6% from last quarter’s 2%. This equates to almost 10 million devices using the system across the world.

This also indicated a massive improvement from the same period in the previous year increasing over 150% in the number of devices used worldwide. Of the devices that host the Windows operating system, Nokia seems to be the brand of choice. Over 90% of Windows smartphones shipped this quarter were Nokia devices.

Another contributing factor to both of these operating systems’ successes is a variety of price ranges for the devices being sold.

According to the research manager heading this report, Ramon Llamas said, “Android and Windows Phone continued to make significant strides in the third quarter. Despite their differences in market share, they both have one important factor behind their success: price.”

A more unsuccessful candidate on the global scale is, shockingly, Apple. Apple declined 1.5% since the same period in the previous year.

This quarter Apple smartphones only claimed 12.9% of the global market. It seems to be much more popular in the United States. However, on a more positive note, the number of devices shipped abroad increased to 33.8 million from the 26.9 million of the same period last year.

Finally, it seems that Blackberry has lost the majority of its market share this year and has lost officially lost 3rd place to Windows devices.

Blackberry has shipped less than 5 million devices and claims a mere 1.7% of the market share declining from 4.5% from the same period last year.

As it stands, Android is clearly dominating the global market and it will be quite a challenge for any contenders to change this.

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