80% Of British Expats Having A Great Time Overseas

The grass really is greener on the other side, according to thousands of British expats who feel they have a better standard of living overseas.

Around 80% say they are enjoying life more in their new home, according to a survey.

While Australia is the favourite destination for British expats, who say their health and their wealth have both got better since they moved there.

The survey, by NatWest International Personal Banking, disclosed that in general, seven out of 10 British expats enjoy a better work life balance and 86% consider they have a better standard of living.

Meanwhile, those in Australia are the happiest, with more than 70% owning a home against a worldwide average of just 30% and three quarters claiming their health has improved since their move overseas.

Australia voted tops

Expats with families overwhelmingly vote Australia as the best place to bring up children.

Other reasons for moving Down Under include:

  • Sunshine and great weather (84%
  • Better lifestyle (92%)
  • Improving health (73%)

Better finances are another reason why British expats who move to Australia tend to stay there.

Most own a home, but also find they have more spending power because the overall cost of living is lower.

The recent world recession missed Australia, which has not had negative growth for more than two decades.

The study also profiles British expats in Australia and found three-quarters are in professional or managerial posts, a fifth are self-employed and almost a third are in administrative roles.

Brisbane, on the Gold Coast is now the favourite place for British expats to live, pushing former favourite Perth into second place.

Singapore pays the most

The favourite temporary expat destination voted in the poll was Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai was voted tops for expat contract workers because of the low tax, high salary luxury lifestyle. Hong Kong, China and Singapore were also favourite temporary locations for expats.

Top average expat earnings were reported in Singapore.

The worst place for British expats was Europe, according to the survey, where a third who had moved confessed they were disappointed and were considering going back to the UK.

Dave Isley, Head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said: “Australia was miles ahead of anywhere else for money and health. Many remarked on the excellent health service, low crime rates and outdoor lifestyle.”

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