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Gone Missing: 90,000 Brits Disappear After Brexit


Tens of thousands of British expats risk losing their right to live and work in Europe as their time to apply for residence status under a Brexit agreement runs out. Brits living in France, Malta, Luxembourg and Latvia face a June 30 deadline to claim their rights, while in The Netherlands, an extra three months … Read more

Expat Guide To Moving Abroad

Model house and keys abroad

Moving abroad is a massively exciting step, whether you’re headed for distant shores to enjoy a well-earned retirement or embarking on new career. This Expat Guide to moving abroad will be your helping hand to make life a lot easier. However, one element is a little less so: the practicalities of packing and shipping a … Read more

Expat Guide to Living in Spain

Barcelona Spain from above the city

Spain is the most popular European destination for British expats by a long way with around 761,000 living there, and that number doesn’t show any signs of slowing despite Brexit. As well as established expat networks, and the promise of summer sunshine, there are lots of great reasons to consider Spain as your home abroad: … Read more

Expat Guide To Living In Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai UAE

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and home to tens of thousands of British expats. Many expats believe Dubai is a country, but Dubai is one of seven separate kingdoms called emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a trendy global city that attracts movie stars, sports stars … Read more

Pension Freedom Age to Rise Two Years

Pension freedom in block letters

The age retirement savers can access their pension cash is going up by two years, a minister has warned. From 2028, the age limit will rise from 55 to 57 years old as the law changes ‘in due course’. Raising the pension freedom age was first signalled in 2014, but no legislation has been forthcoming, … Read more

Expat Pensions, Understanding The Jargon


Expat pensions can be complicated as they come in different types that offer different outcomes for retirement savers. If you don’t know the difference between a DB and DC pension and how they could impact your retirement income, you could miss out on a significant amount of money in your later years. This guide helps … Read more

Expats Face New IHT Tax Grab

Tax and calculator

The British government is stepping up a tax grab than could cost expats who own homes in the UK up to 40% of the value of their investment. Even a modest property investment of £250,000 – the price of an average home in the UK – could trigger an unforeseen tax bill of £100,000 when … Read more

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How Much Money Will You Spend In Retirement?

Piggy bank with jars and coins in years

The dilemma for many people approaching retirement is how much money they need to live on. Research shows that most of us overthink what we need for retirement, believing they will spend at least as much as they are paid in wages. The rule of thumb is making plans for pensions and savings to cover … Read more

Cities Where Money Can Buy The Megarich Happiness

Happy couple in a city

The saying goes money can’t always buy happiness, and for the most part that seems true in a new global city wellbeing index. International property consultants Knight Frank have produced a wealth report for 2020 that charts the fortunes and lifestyles of the megarich and the places where they feel the happiest. One of the … Read more