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Latest Insights & Updates

Expats Returning to the UK

Tax For Expats Returning to the UK

Just as expats should carefully assess their finances on moving overseas when returning home, many aspects of the British tax system can considerably impact their bank balances. If you’ve lived
Healthcare Thailand illustration

Healthcare In Thailand for Expats

In this guide, we look at the healthcare in Thailand system, how to qualify as an expat, and which healthcare insurances are best
Structured Product Jargon Buster: A To Z

Structured Product Jargon Buster: A To Z

Structured investment products (SIPs), or Structured Products, are tailored, packaged products often designed for institutional investors and adapted to achieve specific goals, risk exposure levels or returns. The fixed-period nature
International SIPPs

International SIPPs for Expats Explained

An international SIPP is a personal pension option for British expats who want to move their retirement savings overseas. Find out the latest
Skyline of Dubai illustration

Expat Guide To Living In Dubai

In this Expat Guide we explore Living in Dubai as an expatriate. Visa, residency, work permits and law. Get up to date with the latest Dubai has to offer expats
Expat Guide to Living in the USA

Expat Guide To Living In The USA

Living in the United States is the dream for millions of expats worldwide who flock to the land of plenty to start a new life. The US is a global
Most Expensive City

Where’s The Most Expensive City In The World?

The cost of living crisis is weighing down most of the world – but you would hardly know in the world’s most expensive cities. Life is still going on as
hands and cogs to show correct fit

Are Structured Investments Right For You?

Structured investment products (SIPs) may look like an excellent investment opportunity, with tailored terms, predetermined maturity dates, built-in capital protection and reliable returns. Downside protection is an important feature which

Data That Can Help Investors In A Crisis

Knee-jerk investment decisions are rarely wise, as volatile markets can lurch suddenly, leaving what seemed a good pick high and dry. Keeping an eye on the bigger picture is essential

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Explaining things that are complex

Structured Products Explained

Structured products, or Structured Investment Products, SIPs, are pre-packaged investments that offer returns based on the performance of one or more other securities. Also called market-linked investments, a structured product …
European Golden Visas Map

Top 5 Cheapest European Golden Visas

Take a look at Europe’s five cheapest golden visas that unlock visa-free travel for foreigners with cash to invest
International School illustration

International School Guide For Expats

In this expat guide we’ll explore all the things to consider when deciding which international school is the best fit for your child
GAD Rates

GAD Rates Explained

The GAD rates is the way of calculating how much income to take from a capped drawdown pension pot when the money was invested in income-generating funds. Capped Drawdown was …

Expat Guide To Living In Bahrain

The lifestyle in Bahrain is a heady mix of traditional Islamic values, heritage architecture, unique culture, and a drive for innovation and prosperity. Expats considering living in Bahrain face the …

Expat Guide To Living in Qatar

Qatar is a magnet for expats looking to boost their career opportunities and bank balances working in the oil and gas industries. The tiny Gulf state has a seemingly endless …