Public Service Super Ombudsman On The Way

Public Service Super Ombudsman On The Way

A new super ombudsman service to deal with consumer complaints about public services is on the way. The government intends to integrate several existing ombudsman services into one body for dealing with

Putting A Price On Your Happiness

Harvard study follows ‘the pursuit of happiness’ – key factors

Anyone Want To Buy A Yellow Lamborghini?

Anyone Want To Buy A Yellow Lamborghini

Hundreds Of Brits Missing After Nepal

Expats In US Earn 60% More Than Average

Warm Weather Brits Flock To France And Spain

Equity Crowdfunding On The Way For USA

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Splitting Up Is Getting Harder Thanks To Bitcoin

Bitcoin frauds just keep on coming

The promoters of virtual currency Bitcoin are working hard to establish a foothold for the brand but are continually knocked back by scammers. While Bitcoin promoters claim the electronic money is held in secure online vaults, hardly a week seems to go by ...

Scammers Want Your Pension Cash Warns Minister

Forex Fraud Is A New Trick For Scammers

claiming they are police officers in need of help. Crooks have switched from banks to forex bureaux because victims coming in for one-off exchanges of large amounts of cash do not stand out as much as they do in banks. The National Fraud Intelligence ...

Egypt Terror Alert As Bomb Blast Kill Tourists

Suicide Bomb Blast At Egypt Temple

A suicide bomber has blown himself up at one of Egypt’s most popular tourist sites, injuring four people. Police were alerted when a cab driver ignored requests to check his car boot near the Temple of Karnak, Luxor. They tried to detain the driver when ...


Scrooge Pension Firms Snub Flexible Freedoms

The much vaunted Great Pensions Freedom Day has turned out as a disappointment for millions of retirement savers who have had their dreams of taking cash from their savings dashed. Many of the largest pension providers are either not ready or not willing to ...

French Tax Crack Down On British Expat Investments

Pension Regulators Crack Down On Rogue Consumers

Pension regulators are setting up a regime that does not allow consumers who ignore financial advice to claim compensation for their errors of judgment. Hot on the heels of a Pensions Ombudsman case that dismissed a consumer’s claim for lost money because a ...

Forgotten Reform Is A Major Estate Planning Tool

Forgotten Reform Is A Major Estate Planning Tool

While tax free lump sums have stolen most of the headlines for the new pension reforms, an almost ignored part of the rules provides a powerful tool for estate planning. The first step is deciding what you are going to do with your pension – is the money ...

Regulator Exposes True Extent of Pension Liberation

Pension Liberation Firm Must Hand Over Saver’s Cash

The Pension Ombudsman has ordered a pension liberation scheme to transfer a member’s funds within 14 days of receiving the request. Omni, a trustee of the Henley Retirement Benefit (Henley) Scheme, had rejected the request for a transfer from a retirement ...

New ISA Rules Let Savers Make Money From Lending

Why You Are Rubbish With Money

If you are rubbish at making financial decisions, don’t worry too much – you are one of millions under money pressures that make you a sucker for marketing that lead you up the wrong money path time after time. That’s why so many opt for payday loans at ...

HMRC To Plug Tax Avoidance Scheme Loopholes

The Secret Forum That Churns Out Global Tax Policy

The Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a familiar name to most people that follows the news, but few of us know what the OECD really does. The aim of the body is to promote policies and social well-being around the world as a ...

Crazy about money

Finding The Cheapest Way To Switch Money Overseas

A big headache for expats is how to switch their money between different countries without paying sky-high fees and losing our on exchange rates. Millions of expats remit their money from where they are living and working to another and see middlemen shave ...